Proposed Timber Harvesting Site 2: Swastika North

Legal Description:

Harvesting in all or part of the following:

  • Block TK4: Mining Claims: L7058, L7057, L16680, L4869, L16614, L4230, L14192, L40218

  • Block TK5: Mining Claims: L6863, L6843, L9814, L9809, L9811,L24029, L6083

  • Block TK6: Mining Claims: L9810, L7411, L6842, L9812, L9813, L390, L4266

  • Block TK10: Mining Claims RSC210, RSC209

North of Blanche River, South of Perron Lake, West of Elsie Lake

Map 1: Topographic Map
Map 2: Satellite Image
Map 3: LMA Map Showing Harvesting Blocks Showing Mining Claims


Jack Pine, Spruce, Poplar, Birch


Special Notes:

“All Trees Reserved” and “Pine Reserved” to the Crown on the titles.

  • That the Municipality considers releasing a formal, competitive and public Request for Proposal through which it will solicit bids for the harvesting of the some or all of these blocks (as proposed by the successful bidder and as approved by Council).

  • That the successful bidder provide a bid for the right to obtain a Forest Resource Licence (FRL) for the area from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry and conduct harvesting operations.

  • That the successful bidder should be required to make full payment to the Municipality in advance of harvesting, provide a performance bond and ensure that the area is successfully regenerated as per the Preferred Silvicultural Ground Rules (Table 8) in the Agreement. Once the site is replanted, the bond will be refunded.

  • Staff recommend a minimum 200 meter setback from the Blanche River for aesthetic reasons. Bidders may propose a different setback and provide reasons therefore.
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